Happy Monday! For students who started school in late August, the semester is starting to pick up! How on earth are midterms starting already?! Yikes, I don't know, but I have to admit I'm pretty overwhelmed with my workload. It's no fun feeling tired ALL the time, especially when it feels like there are numerous responsibilities to check off your list.


When I was a Freshman, I pretty much felt tired ALL the time. I was studying more than ever and my eating habits were WAY off. I felt like I needed to nap in between every class or event. Although 'Undergad Tiredness' still hits me from time to time, it's not nearly as bad or frequent as it once was. I've picked up a few helpful habits along the way and have done my best to overcome 'Undergrad Tiredness.' Hopefully these are helpful for those of you that experience something similar!

Pay Attention to WHAT you Eat: 

Food has a profound impact on energy levels. I learned this the hard way when I was never able to stay awake after eating a big heavy meal! Refined sugars and overly processed carbohydrates are big culprits. Including whole grains, vegetables, unrefined sugars, and good sources of protein keep me going all day long!

Pay Attention to WHEN you eat:

This is just as important as what you eat. Although it's not always convenient to find time to eat in between classes or while studying, it's so important make sure to stay nourished! When I go too long without eating, I crash HARD and my ability to focus in class or while studying goes out the drain. Come prepared by sticking almond butter packs (Like Justin's), apples, celery sticks ,carrots, trail mix, or an all natural protein bar (Like RX Bars) in your backpack to snack on in between meals!


Caffeine is not the enemy, but too much of it can be...

 Caffeine is supposed to increase energy, but when overdone, it can actually be a big culprit of tiredness. I stick to one cup of coffee right when I wake up in the morning, however, if I REALLY need it, I'll have a cup of tea in the early afternoon. Caffeine effects everyone differently, but often times if I consume it too late in the day, it will keep me up way past the time I was intending to. Then, I'm just left feeling even more tired the next day from staying up too late...

Exercise Actually Helps Maintain Energy Levels:

Ever debated between going to the gym or taking a nap? Literally me all the time during my Freshman year, and often times I would choose the nap, only to feel more tired when I woke up. Almost every time I choose to exercise when I hit that mid afternoon slump, I end up having way more energy than prior. Even just a quick brisk walk can help get the blood flowing and mind working!

Drink Water!

On some days, I've had my coffee, eaten a substantial amount of nutrients, and STILL feel overly tired, only to remember I haven't drank any water ALL day! Water is life, therefor we need it to feel awake! I have a hard time remembering to drink water, but carrying my Hydro Flask with me all day and filling it up around campus helps me remember!  Sometimes all you need is a fun water bottle for a little reminder...


Paying attention to these healthy habits has made a world of difference in my energy levels on a day to  day basis! I hope some of these tips can be applied to your own lives and busy schedules!