Hello October! I wasn’t going to write a blog post this week because of how CRAZY and busy it’s been, but I decided to go ahead and write one exactly because of how busy and crazy it's been. Still, I will keep it short and sweet! 


I needed a mental break, and for me, writing on this blog gives me that. Although I stress this a lot, I often forget how beneficial it is to take time for myself, whether it be for an entire day, a couple hours, or even a couple of minutes. 


This week, I want to encourage you to reflect and ask yourself, what is it that makes you happy and feel at ease? I also want to encourage you to take time for yourself (however long that may be) to do one thing that makes you feel good during the day, whether it be an activity, hobby, or just a nap in your pjs! It’s frequently during my most stressed out moments when I discover the things that make me feel the most content. Why do I take time out of my busy day to cook and create food when I could so easily microwave a frozen meal? I do it because it is my step away from reality. Creating food makes me happy, and I find it to be a great stress relief. 


There is only so much time in one day, and fitting all wants and needs in can often feel impossible. However, I've come to realize that when I take a smidge of time out of my day to do something for myself, I’m ultimately way more productive doing the tasks that need to get done.

That's it! I just want to share a little piece of light that's helped me tremendously along the way. I encourage everyone to think about what makes you smile, and hey, maybe even do it! 





I’m currently writing this because of the stress I accumulated while sitting in an airport waiting to board my flight home, while attempting to study for two midterms and a presentation within the next three days. I decided to take a few minutes for myself to write and reflect on this topic, and I already feel entirely better. Back to work I go :)