An Ode to Smoothies

Happy Monday everyone! This week, the spotlight is on smoothies...


I’m often times shocked when I meet someone who doesn’t like smoothies. For me, that’s like not liking ice cream! (or nice cream for that matter). I often question if the people who don’t like smoothies haven’t experienced a really, truly good smoothie yet. While I believe there are many reasons to love smoothies, I want to share with you the benefits I receive from drinking them and a few indulgent (yet unbelievably healthy) recipes! 


First and foremost, smoothies taste like dessert


Decadent, creamy, sweet… Have you ever heard those words associated with a nutritional meal? That’s the beauty of a good smoothie. Often times, the smoothies I make have all the ingredients that I would also put in a salad. It’s about knowing how to cover the vegetables up so that your smoothie tastes like a delicious dessert (without being overloaded with sugar).


Smoothies do wonders for the skin


With all the fruits, veggies, superfoods, and nuts to load a smoothie with, it’s almost impossible not to receive the essential vitamins and minerals your skin needs and loves. Incorporating fruits such as goji berries and blueberries, which are high in antioxidants, as well as vegetables such as kale and spinach, which are mineral rich, leave the skin fresh and glowing.


...And for digestion


Smoothies do wonders for digestion because they allow you to get vitamins and minerals in a form that doesn’t disrupt your digestive system. I never feel bloated or uncomfortable after drinking a smoothie. If you're adding vegetables to your smoothie, sometimes it's easier on digestion if they are cooked and then frozen. However, other people digest raw veggies just fine.


Smoothies take minutes to make


Often times, my ideas for new smoothie recipes go like this… Look what fruits and veggies I have, throw them in a blender, add superfoods that complement the fruits and veggies, blend it up, top it with goodies, and wallah! Takes a matter of minutes, and if i’m rushing out the door I can bring it to go.


Topping smoothies is the best part


My ideal smoothie toppings are superfoods such as chia seeds, cacao nibs, goji berries, or coconut shreds, something that will add a little crunch, such as granola or nuts, and almost always a nut butter drizzle. Literally, a healthy sundae. Plus, toppings make smoothies and smoothie bowls look so pretty and pleasing.


Now that I’ve explained my love for smoothies, here are a few of my FAVORITE smoothie recipes for you to try out...

Cinnamon, Vanilla Green Dream Smoothie


3-4 Dates

1/3 c Chopped almonds

1 tsp Vanilla extract

1/3 c Kale

2 Steamed and then frozen cauliflower bulbs

1/4 tsp Cinnamon

Dash of sea salt

1/2 c Unsweetened vanilla almond milk

2-3 ice cubes

Optional Toppings


Coconut Shreds


Almond Butter

Raw Vegan Cookie Dough Bites

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Spice Smoothie Bowl


3 Steamed and then frozen cauliflower bulbs

1 Frozen banana

1/4 tsp Pumpkin spice

2 tbs Peanut butter

1 tbs Cacao nibs

1 c Unsweetened vanilla flax milk (sub nut milk)

Optional Toppings

Chia seeds

Goji Berries


Peanut butter

Golden Milk Smoothie


1 Fresh or frozen banana

1/4 c Dairy free or regular vanilla yogurt

1/4 c GF oats

1 tbs Cashew butter (sub other nut butter)

1 tbs Hemp seeds

2 tsp Turmeric 

1/4 tsp Vanilla extract

3/4 c Unsweetened vanilla flax milk (sub nut milk)

2-3 ice cubes

Optional Toppings

Granola (I used Purely Elizabeth's Almond Maple GF Granola

Cashew Butter

Creamy Pear and Nut Butter Smoothie


1/2 Yellow pear

1/2 Frozen banana

1 tbs Almond butter

1/4 Avocado

2 scoops of vanilla Protein powder 

1 tbs Chia seeds

1/2 c Unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Optional Toppings

Almond slivers

Almond butter

Notes: For all smoothie recipes above, blend all ingredients into a high powered blender. The smoothie recipes I provided serve 1 and are meant to replace a meal. They are filling I promise! If you are confused what some of these ingredients are, read more about them here! I hope you enjoy these creamy, satisfying, and utterly delicious smoothies any time of day! Have a lovely week friends.